Sonova's acquisition of AudioNova approved by German Federal Cartel Office

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Publié le 25/08/2016

Sonova announced on July 20 that the German Federal Cartel Office approved the acquisition of the Dutch hearing aid distributor AudioNova without conditions.

On May 4 Audiology Worldnews reported about the signature of the agreement between Sonova and AudioNova with the aim of acquiring the network for 830 million Euros.

Amplifon acquires two German retail chains for a total of 86 shops

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Publié le 25/08/2016

Amplifon announced today, July 19, the acquisition of the two German retail chains Focus Hören AG and Die Hörmeister GmbH.

According to the press release these acquisitions perfectly fit Amplifon's growth strategy aimed at strengthening the company's market position in the second largest private retail market worldwide: from January 2016 Amplifon acquired 105 shops in Germany increasing the network to a total of 365 stores.

Auditdata A/S and GRO Capital announce that they will join forces

Réseaux et Groupements
Publié le 25/08/2016

Denmark's investment fund GRO Capital A/S has acquired 46% of Auditdata A/S and has become the main shareholder in the global independent provider of audiology solutions.

The company made the announcement in a recent press release, saying that the accelerated growth over recent years has led to a need for a stronger focus on sales and marketing as part of the overall strategy of becoming a world-leading independent provider of audiology solutions.

Hearing Aid Prices Under Pressure From Consumer Electronics

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Publié le 26/04/2016
Others, like the phone giant Samsung, are rumored to be entering the field. In some cases hearing assistance will be added to multipurpose products, sometimes called “hearables,” that consumers already wear on their ears to listen to music, talk on the phone and even track physical activity. The consumer devices are not regulated because they are not, strictly speaking, hearing aids but instead are personal sound amplification products, or PSAPs (pronounced PEE-saps).

Les Français renoncent à s'équiper d'appareils auditifs à cause de leur prix trop élevé

Publié le 16/10/2015
Seule une personne sur quatre en ayant besoin serait appareillée, selon l'association UFC-Que Choisir. Alors que la population vieillit, les ventes d'audioprothèses ont plus que doublé depuis 2000, pour frôler les 600.000 en 2014, soit un marché de 927 millions d'euros.


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